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Students come from all over East Africa to attend WABI.  The average student is a pastor or leader in their church with ministry experience.  We welcome all ages, education levels, and social backgrounds.  Most importantly, we ask that students who come seek to learn, grow and be renewed through Christ.  The map to the right shows where past WABI students have come from.

If you are considering joining the Word Ablaze Bible Institute as a pastor or church leader, please review the course material information below. An average day at WABI includes four hours of study in the morning and two hours of worship in the afternoon.

Institute Overview

  • Level 1 Goal – Build a solid biblical foundation
  • Level 2 Goal – Developing the Heart of a Shepherd
  • Level 3 Goal – Leadership, Life and Work of the Minister

Curriculum Details  

In order to ensure comprehension of course material, each student is expected to pass examinations throughout the course.  Additionally, each student will be subjected to a character evaluation by WABI staff.   Upon completion and earning an overall passing score of a course level, qualifying students will receive a certificate of achievement and a diploma after all three levels are completed.

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    We require all students to be a leader or pastor in their church.
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