Group Outreach

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Open Air Crusades

Experience ministering to the masses in outdoor crusades.  See many come to Jesus, be healed and delivered through the preaching of the Word.  Teams that have come have reached out to communities with drama’s, testimonies, preaching, and praying for the needs of the people.

House to House Ministry

Come and have the opportunity to visit and minister to the people of Kenya in their homes.  The people here are very relational and love when you visit them.  Many are open to you praying with them.

Remote Village Ministry

Travel into the interior of Africa where life is still very simple and hasn’t changed in hundreds of years.  Visit the nomadic tribes of East Africa–such as the Masai and Pokot.  See how they live and share the love of Jesus with them, in their villages.

Local Church Teaching Seminars & Church Services

Minister to your brothers and sisters in Kenya through seminars and local church services.  We do seminars for the women, youth, church leaders, and married couples.

Local School Outreach & Orphanages

An awesome thing here in Kenya is that you can share the gospel with the students in public and private schools.  Come and reach these youth while they are in school and make a difference in their lives forever.

Visit and bring love to the orphans in the local orphanages.

Medical Outreaches

Medical outreaches include preventative medicine such as giving out water filters, and teaching on hygiene to actual treatment.  Some of things that visiting teams have treated are worms, jiggers and infections of all sorts.  We work with a Health Officer in the area and any serious cases are referred to the local clinic if there is one.  Welcome to help minister health to those in need.  Some areas we go to don’t have any medical facilities, clean water or even a school.

Dump Outreach

The Dump Outreach is an outreach to bring hope for another day.  People that live in the local garbage dump are there in desperate situations.  Many are there as a result of previous tribal clashes and have no where to go.  We go and pray with them, give them food, and clothes.  Come and minister to the most needy people of Nakuru.

Street Kids Ministry

There are children and adults who live on the streets of Nakuru. Many are addicted to sniffing glue.  This helps to take away their hunger.  Reach out to them with the love of Jesus by just spending time with them, sharing the Word, a testimony and a meal.