Teams & Groups

Needing a place for you to experience the Kingdom work with your short term mission trip in Kenya? We would love for you to bring a group to come partner with our outreach activities in Nakuru and the surrounding communities. Groups come from all over the world and range from teens to retiree’s.  Checkout the group outreach opportunities here.

When mission teams arrive they are encouraged to use their gifts, their talents and their testimonies to touch the lives of the East African people. Several teams have ministered in open air crusades where they preached, prayed for the sick, shared their testimonies and performed dramas.

These young people have led many people to Jesus. They have seen healing manifested as they laid hands on the sick in the name of Jesus. It is awesome to see the lives changed of the people they are ministering to, as they themselves are being changed.

Mission teams are also taken to the streets to reach out to the street kids by sharing with them and bringing them food. Mission team members go door to door in the dump praying for those in desperate situations. The power of God is evident as these teams minister the love of Jesus to people waiting to hear the Good News.

Adult teams also come to help build beds, solar systems and tables and chairs for the Bible school as well as preach and teach. All these things are needed to be able to teach the students. Every gift and talent needs to be used in furthering the Kingdom of God.

The teams have also ministered in the dump, to the displaced people of Kenya, and many other areas. They have traveled with Donna and Paul to the remote area of Pokot and the Masai Mara have stayed with the native people there. When believers from a foreign land come to minister through this ministry the anointing is very powerful. They are received with open arms; there are thousands of ears waiting to hear what they have to say. Every person, young and old, that has ever come to this ministry on a mission team has said that they have been impacted and changed. They also say that it is so worthwhile to see the smiles on the local people’s faces as they received Jesus, were healed, or received food.

Some teams have come in order to reach out to the nursery schools and churches in the Masai area of Transmara, Kilgoris. They have brought school supplies and materials as well as performed outreaches through soccer clinics and teaching.

Jon and Caren McCormack carry the vision for The Kilgoris Project, nursery and primary schools as well as seeing the church expand in the area of Kilgoris, Kenya. Donna and Paul Tocco have worked with the McCormack’s to lead teams that bring help to this area.

The Word Ablaze Ministries also received teachers who come faithfully to help teach in the Bible School. They use their time and resources to teach because they realize the importance of training the leaders of the church in East Africa.  Teachers come from U.S. and Iceland.